Cargo Insurance

DOMINANTA covers the cargoes during their transportation including loading/reloading damages. Also we indemnify the necessary and reasonable expenses incurred by an Insurant upon an insured accident occurrence in order to prevent or reduce damage/loss or to rescue a cargo. The cargoes can be insured against all risks or against the defined risks such as:

  • general average;
  • theft and/or robbery;
  • natural disasters;
  • fire or burst;
  • transport collision;
  • transport vehicle’s disappearance;
  • cargo damage due to loading/unloading/reloading;
  • water damage;
  • losses due to the cargo salvation.

We cover cargoes that transported by all means of transport (roads, railroads, air, marine).
DOMINANTA’s corporate cargo insurance is characterized with the following additional advantages:

  • we cover the cargoes that transported all over the world;
  • our insurance conditions correspond to the world-wide accepted Institute Cargo Clauses;
  • we can organize the survey of your cargo everywhere.