Credit Insurance

DOMINANTA is one of the not numerous Ukrainian insurers which deals with the credit risks on the basis that corresponds with the world-wide practice. We cover both commercial and political (regards the foreign Debtors) credit risks.

Commercial risks:

  • insolvency or bankruptcy of Debtor;
  • delinquency/refusal of payment.

Political risks:

  • embargo;
  • license revocation;
  • currency regulation;
  • moratorium;
  • war;
  • civil commotion;
  • confiscation.

Procedure of the insurance policy bargaining:

  • The solvency of Debtor (i.e. potential or existing partner of our client) is audited.
  • As a consequence of the audition we determine:
  • credit limit;
  • credit period;
  • waiting period.

DOMINANTA’s main advantages:

  • access to information concerning circa 30 000 000 enterprises in more than 150 countries;
  • reinsurance at EU market.